On this page, you can find quick links to the demos of my e-learning tests, experiments and participation to e-learning heroes challenges organized by Articulate.

2020 Update: Due to the end of Flash, some of these e-learning modules may not function anymore in all browsers. If you have issues viewing the modules, I have taken several screenshots of these modules that I displayed in my articles. You can explore the Archives to find more details on each of these projects.

ELH Challenges:

  • Challenge #31 “Create an online resume” – My resume done with Storyline: LINK
  • Challenge #50 “Flat design”
    1. Menu slides with ArtRage Studio: LINK 1 | LINK 2
    2. Next slides with Storyline only: LINK 1 | LINK 2 | LINK 3 | LINK 4
  • Challenge #53 “Create pictogram characters” – Custom the character activity: LINK
  • Challenge #55 “How to survive a zombie apocalypse” – Pokemon-like game: LINK
  • Challenge #59 “E-learning game for kids” – A hangman game: LINK
  • Challenge #63 “Marsala color of the year” – My demo with Marsala color: LINK
  • Challenge #64 “Present data” – Key facts on tourism: LINK
  • Challenge #86 “Create an interactive map” – My neighborhood: LINK
  • Challenge #145 “Home security” – Choose the easiest house to burglar: LINK
  • Challenge #146 “Interactive timeline” – Seasonal vegetables: LINK

Other tests:

  • My first scribe with Videoscribe – Plastic Omnium 60 years history: LINK
  • Ergonomics activity / My first draw with ArtRage Studio: LINK
  • Cover slide examples with Fables characters: LINK
  • Interactive course with Fables characters: LINK
  • Presentation of Santa Clara with the map of the ELH Challenge #86: LINK
  • Extract of Plastic Omnium’s business review done with Storyline: LINK