E-learning Heroes Challenge #53

One more ELH Challenge!

Today, I created a slide for the ELH Challenge #53. The idea of this challenge is to create pictogram characters. As I did with the flat design challenge, I only used forms from Storyline to create my character.

The concept of my slide is very simple: you start with a basic character, and you can customize him (skin, eyes, hair), choose his mood, and his job.


To customize the skin, eyes and hair, I used states of the shapes and triggers. When you click a color, you change the state of the shapes.

To customize the mood, I used normal/hidden states to change the mouth form. All the forms are hidden by default (except the neutral form that you can view in the picture above), and clicking on a button change the states of the forms. Example, if I click “Happy”, it will change the state of the happy mouth to normal, and the state of all the other mouths to hidden.

Then, you can choose a job for the character. For the jobs, I used layers. I added the forms for each job in each layer.


The last step was the backgrounds for each job. I used normal/hidden states like I did for the mood.

It’s a very funny slide, and we can imagine even more interaction, like choosing an object to the character (hat, pipe, scarf, etc.).


You can view the demo here.

E-learning Heroes Challenge #64

01/08/2015: I updated the demo with some new slides.

Today, it was not easy to work after what happened in Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris, as I explained it in my previous post. Finally, to change my mind, and to improve my skills on Storyline 2, I decided to participate to the last ELH Challenge #64. The objective is to show how we can present data (charts, etc.) with Storyline 2. Presenting data or information in general is a very important part of instructional design and conception in Storyline, because it is very important to not make the information boring. There is nothing worse for a learner than to read a lot of text or numbers without any interaction, animation or game.

I started creating a nice demo with a timeline, but the result was a bit off topic, so I decided to keep this first work for later. Then, I decided to create 2 short slides about key facts on tourism.

The first slide is very simple, you hover the part of the pyramid and you can view the numbers:


The second slide is not interactive but uses nice and simple fade in / fly in animations:


The third slide is interactive. I created the colored circle with InkScape in a few minutes, and built the slide with hot spots and triggers:


The last slide is interactive too: the learner can choose to view the information by country, or all the information. It was done really easily with layers and forms:

You can access the demo here.

I hope this demo is helpful and gives you ideas!

E-learning Heroes Challenge #31 + Marsala colors

A short post to share my second version of my online resume for the ELH Challenge #31. I decided to change to colors to Marsala, the new color of the year 2015 by Pantone, which was also the subject of the previous e-learning challenge.


Here is the link: Online Resume V2

And I’d like to share this drawing, which has nothing to do with my job:


I woke up this morning and I read the newspapers about the terrorist attack in Paris against Charlie Hebdo. As a French citizen, who lived 3 years in Paris, I am very shocked by this tragedy. 12 journalists and police officers died today. They died because they drew cartoons, caricatures, and because some extremists decided to attack freedom of speech. It happened in France, the country of liberty and democracy, in Paris, in 2015. I can’t believe it.