E-learning Heroes Challenge #31 + Marsala colors

A short post to share my second version of my online resume for the ELH Challenge #31. I decided to change to colors to Marsala, the new color of the year 2015 by Pantone, which was also the subject of the previous e-learning challenge.


Here is the link: Online Resume V2

And I’d like to share this drawing, which has nothing to do with my job:


I woke up this morning and I read the newspapers about the terrorist attack in Paris against Charlie Hebdo. As a French citizen, who lived 3 years in Paris, I am very shocked by this tragedy. 12 journalists and police officers died today. They died because they drew cartoons, caricatures, and because some extremists decided to attack freedom of speech. It happened in France, the country of liberty and democracy, in Paris, in 2015. I can’t believe it.

E-learning Heroes Challenge #63

As I explained in my last post, I am currently reviewing all the existing ELH Challenges in order to participate in some of them, to develop my Storyline skills. At the beginning of the week, I wanted to participate to ELH Challenge #55, “How to survive a zombie apocalypse”. As a big fan of the comic and TV show ‘The Walking Dead’, I really wanted to participate. So, I started a funny game. But I did not finish it, because I was not satisfied of what I was doing. The problem was not the game itself, but the graphic part of the game. I don’t why, but I did something not very beautiful. Actually, I find it awful. So, I decided to suspend my work on this challenge, in order to improve my sense of design…

That is why I finally decided to work on the last ELH Challenge about the new color of the year ‘Marsala’. I created 3 very simple activities based on this color and the pictures we can find on this website.

I really enjoyed working on this challenge, because I really focused on the look of my slides. I think (I hope) I have created something very simple but nice. I hope you will enjoy those 3 slides. Don’t hesitate to give me your feedback!

View the slides

Preview of the slides:




E-learning Heroes Challenge #31

Well, well, well!

My manager told me: ‘Before the end of the year, please play with Storyline 2. I want you to improve your skills, then you will be able to design better courses, and to do it faster!’.

OK, no problem! That’s why I am currently reviewing the different existing E-learning Heroes Challenges proposed by Articulate, and today I chose to participate to ELH Challenge #31: create a resume template with Storyline, with a presentation of our work.

I have seen a lot of interesting resumes done with Storyline, and I invite you to view it: https://community.articulate.com/articles/creative-resume-templates-elearning-portfolios

So, here is mine! I didn’t respect very well the ‘e-learning portfolio’ part of the challenge. I only added links to my experiments and ELH previous participation, I know I could have include a preview directly. But I preferred to do this way. Anyway, you can access my work via this online resume created with Storyline!

I used many features to design this online resume:
– variables
– motion path
– entering animations
– states
And more!

I really enjoyed this exercise, and it was a great experience to understand how Storyline can help us design e-learning modules but not only. We can imagine much more with this tool, and I guess that’s why Articulate proposed this challenge: to show us that their tool can be used for many activities and not only e-learning design.

You can access my online resume here; enjoy!

View the resume