E-learning Heroes Challenge #146

This week’s challenge asked course designer to show how to use an interactive timeline in e-learning. Creating an interactive timeline is now super easy in Storyline 2, because of the slider feature. Of course, this is not the only way to design an interactive timeline in Storyline 2. Actually, there are a lot of way to design a timeline with that software.

I chose to do something simple, using the slider features, layers and markers. In this interactive timeline, you can view a non-exhaustive list of seasonal vegetables in Northern California per month. Just move the carrot icon at the top of the slide to navigate in the timeline, and hover the green markers to learn more about each vegetable.

Click the picture to access the timeline demo:


E-learning Heroes Challenge #145

It’s been a long time since I participated to an E-learning Heroes Challenge! This week’s challenge asked course designers to share home safety courses and interactions. I really liked this one, so I did a short scene where you have to choose which house is the easiest to burglar. You can hover the grey buttons to get some information about the houses.

It is a very simple interaction, but I enjoyed designing the houses with shapes in Storyline! I hope you will appreciate this scene.

Click the picture to access the scene: