E-learning Heroes Challenge #86


It’s been a long time since I participated to a ELH Challenge proposed by Articulate! But this time, I had more time and was very interested in the challenge: create an interactive map to show where we live. I arrived in my neighborhood only 8 months ago, and I use Google Map a lot to discover the area, and to drive with the GPS feature of the app. So, I decided to create an interactive map looking like Google Map, in ‘Earth’ mode.

To create this interactive map, I had to create a looooooot of layers, Layers are life. Really. Your can play with then so much, with the correct triggers and settings. I also used sliders, one of the new features of Storyline 2. I had to be careful with all the variables used by the triggers, to ensure the proper picture is shown at any time.

It was very challenging, because I faced a few issues and had to find a solution to ensure my map would work properly, as expected, any time, after revisiting a layer, etc.

I hope you will enjoy this interactive map! You will discover 10 places in my neighborhood, in the beautiful city of Santa Clara in California.

View the map

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