How to use animations, motion paths and layers to create an animated course

I continued my work with Fables characters; this time, I decided to create an animated course. I used three main features of Storyline 2: animations (entrance and exit), motion paths (the best new feature of Storyline 2, even if it could be improved), and layers. The structure of my course (welcome slide / navigation menu / conclusion) is contained in one single slide made of many layers:


I had to use some triggers to configure the show/hide layer settings, and also to be very careful with each layer settings, especially the ‘revisiting’ settings. Indeed, the content of the course itself is not contained in this slide, but in new ones. Of course, for this example I didn’t create any content so my chapters are made of one single slide, but we can imagine full chapters with many slides, even in a separated scene.


Those settings are crucial to ensure some triggers will work properly.


Here we have only one slide per chapter, for the example, but we can imagine full chapters.

You can access the demo here.

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