Examples of cover slides

Hey I know it’s been a long time since I wrote my last post, but I’ve been very busy the last weeks. A few days ago, I had a little bit of free time, so I decided to work with Storyline, and to create a few slides I could use as covers for my future e-learning modules. Also, on May 19th, the 10th volume of the deluxe edition of Fables, a comics by Bill Willingham, was published (and I’ve waited it a long time). So, I decided to use some Fables illustrations for my covers. Yes, I’m a big fan of Fables. If you don’t know this comics yet, I recommend you to buy the beautiful deluxe edition to discover this great comics, and to play the amazing videogame The Wolf Among Us by TellTale Games, based on Fables universe and characters.

Of course, it’s only for the example. You can replace the pictures but whatever you want…

I hope it will give you some inspiration!

Access the slides

Capture1Capture2 Capture3 Capture4Capture5

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