E-learning Heroes Challenge #31 + Marsala colors

A short post to share my second version of my online resume for the ELH Challenge #31. I decided to change to colors to Marsala, the new color of the year 2015 by Pantone, which was also the subject of the previous e-learning challenge.


Here is the link: Online Resume V2

And I’d like to share this drawing, which has nothing to do with my job:


I woke up this morning and I read the newspapers about the terrorist attack in Paris against Charlie Hebdo. As a French citizen, who lived 3 years in Paris, I am very shocked by this tragedy. 12 journalists and police officers died today. They died because they drew cartoons, caricatures, and because some extremists decided to attack freedom of speech. It happened in France, the country of liberty and democracy, in Paris, in 2015. I can’t believe it.