E-learning Heroes Challenge #55


I did not have a lot of time to work on the ELH Challenges last week. As you know, I’m also working in HRIS, not only e-learning. So, I spent the last week working on the Learning Management System of my company. But today, I found time to finish my participation to the ELH Challenge #55! Finally!

This challenge is: how to survive to a zombie apocalypse? Here is my stupid funny answer: just catch them all! And fight other zombies with your own zombie. This is s how I decided to create ‘Pokézomb’, a parody of Pokémon and zombies. I like Pokémon (I spent so much time on this game when I was a kid!) and I like zombies: perfect match!

The idea was to imitate an old Game Boy with the first versions of Pokémon (blue & red). I designed the player to look like a Game Boy, and I added buttons A, B, START, etc. So, there are no colors in this game! I only created the starting scene of the original game, and customized it with zombies. I had to adapt it to make it easier to design in Storyline, so don’t blame me if you notice some parts of the starting scene are missing: I know it. I also had no idea for the names of my Pokézomb, so please forgive my lack of originality.

When you are in the game, use the button A to read the text or continue.

If you notice any mistake (wrong text or image, wrong link…), please let me know. I spent a lot of time on this challenge, and it was not easy, so I may have missed a mistake even if I reviewed the game several times before publishing it.

Click here to play!


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