E-learning Heroes Challenge #53

One more ELH Challenge!

Today, I created a slide for the ELH Challenge #53. The idea of this challenge is to create pictogram characters. As I did with the flat design challenge, I only used forms from Storyline to create my character.

The concept of my slide is very simple: you start with a basic character, and you can customize him (skin, eyes, hair), choose his mood, and his job.


To customize the skin, eyes and hair, I used states of the shapes and triggers. When you click a color, you change the state of the shapes.

To customize the mood, I used normal/hidden states to change the mouth form. All the forms are hidden by default (except the neutral form that you can view in the picture above), and clicking on a button change the states of the forms. Example, if I click “Happy”, it will change the state of the happy mouth to normal, and the state of all the other mouths to hidden.

Then, you can choose a job for the character. For the jobs, I used layers. I added the forms for each job in each layer.


The last step was the backgrounds for each job. I used normal/hidden states like I did for the mood.

It’s a very funny slide, and we can imagine even more interaction, like choosing an object to the character (hat, pipe, scarf, etc.).


You can view the demo here.

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