E-learning Heroes Challenge #64

01/08/2015: I updated the demo with some new slides.

Today, it was not easy to work after what happened in Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris, as I explained it in my previous post. Finally, to change my mind, and to improve my skills on Storyline 2, I decided to participate to the last ELH Challenge #64. The objective is to show how we can present data (charts, etc.) with Storyline 2. Presenting data or information in general is a very important part of instructional design and conception in Storyline, because it is very important to not make the information boring. There is nothing worse for a learner than to read a lot of text or numbers without any interaction, animation or game.

I started creating a nice demo with a timeline, but the result was a bit off topic, so I decided to keep this first work for later. Then, I decided to create 2 short slides about key facts on tourism.

The first slide is very simple, you hover the part of the pyramid and you can view the numbers:


The second slide is not interactive but uses nice and simple fade in / fly in animations:


The third slide is interactive. I created the colored circle with InkScape in a few minutes, and built the slide with hot spots and triggers:


The last slide is interactive too: the learner can choose to view the information by country, or all the information. It was done really easily with layers and forms:

You can access the demo here.

I hope this demo is helpful and gives you ideas!

2 thoughts on “E-learning Heroes Challenge #64

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