E-learning Heroes Challenge #63

As I explained in my last post, I am currently reviewing all the existing ELH Challenges in order to participate in some of them, to develop my Storyline skills. At the beginning of the week, I wanted to participate to ELH Challenge #55, “How to survive a zombie apocalypse”. As a big fan of the comic and TV show ‘The Walking Dead’, I really wanted to participate. So, I started a funny game. But I did not finish it, because I was not satisfied of what I was doing. The problem was not the game itself, but the graphic part of the game. I don’t why, but I did something not very beautiful. Actually, I find it awful. So, I decided to suspend my work on this challenge, in order to improve my sense of design…

That is why I finally decided to work on the last ELH Challenge about the new color of the year ‘Marsala’. I created 3 very simple activities based on this color and the pictures we can find on this website.

I really enjoyed working on this challenge, because I really focused on the look of my slides. I think (I hope) I have created something very simple but nice. I hope you will enjoy those 3 slides. Don’t hesitate to give me your feedback!

View the slides

Preview of the slides:




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