E-learning Heroes Challenge #50

I published my flat design slides made with Storyline 2 on Twitter, and David Anderson from Articulate suggested me to publish it on the ELH Challenge #50. So, I create a new post on my blog with all the existing slides of my module (which is not finished yet).

Thus, here are the several slides of my module. I created all the elements with Storyline 2 forms or textures: no drawing or picture.

1) Welcome slide – made with ArtRage and Storyline 2 – not very interesting for our flat design topic, but I think it was interesting to have a very simple and nice welcome slide in a ‘flat design’ module.


The welcome slide in ArtRage, before being included in Storyline.


The welcome slide in preview mode in Storyline.

As you can notice it, I tried to custom the player colors to match with the welcome slide colors.

2) ‘Meet Tim’ slide. Not the best one! It was hard to make a character with this view – to make him look like a human, with expression. I could probably improve it.


3) ‘Recruitment before the Internet’: this is an interesting slide, but it took me a lot of time to design it. I could probably have done it in a easier way. It was a hard work to add all the small elements. But the result is nice!


4) ‘Recruitment today’ slide: this one was easier, because it is very similar to the previous one. I just had to remove some elements and replace them with new ones easier to design. We can view a printer, a screen monitor, a simple keyboard. I confess the smartphone is a picture from Articulate galleries! I did it first myself, but I found this picture and I loved it, so I used it directly in the slide. But it would not have been hard to do it: 3 forms only.


5) Chapter title slide: this is a very basic background I design in 2 minutes in ArtRage. The text has been added in Storyline 2 of course, to add some ‘fade in’ effects.


6) ‘Definition of a job board’ slide: for this slide, I changed the view of the office. Now this is a front view. It was interesting to design it too.


If you want to find more interesting flat design slides made with Storyline 2, you can visit the ELH Challenge page: https://community.articulate.com/articles/flat-design-graphics-elearning

You can also have a look at Matt Guyan’s article about his own flat designed office, a nice work too: http://www.mattguyan.com/showing-my-work-6/

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