Ergonomics activity

Today I share a simple activity for a module about ergonomics.

The work was really simple on Storyline: I only added markers on the background elements that the learner will have to click to reach out more about ergonomics at office. I also added a voice, to present the scene and the activity.

The big work was the background itself: I drew it myself with my new graphic tablet in ArtRage Studio. So, I’m not an expert in drawing (absolutely not!) but I am satisfied of the result! It took me less than one day to create this scene (in ArtRage and Storyline) and I’m sure I’ll be able to make it faster in the future when I am more at ease with ArtRage.

About the content, I’m not an ergonomics specialist so if I have to work on a real module about this topic, of course an expert will help me 😉

You can access the animated scene here.

And here is the original drawing:

Sans nom2

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