E-learning Heroes Challenge #59

Today, I created a simple game for the E-learning Heroes Challenge of the week: https://community.articulate.com/articles/elearning-games-for-kids

View the game

I created a hangman game for kids: they have to find the name of a red squirrel before the fox catch the squirrel. For this game, I used:
buttons: for the alphabet letters
states triggers: for the letters that appear when you choose the good one, and to show to “success” layer when all the good letters are revealed
motion path: to make the fox move to the squirrel (with a relative start point)
and a variable: to show the “fail” layer when the fox reaches the squirrel if you select the wrong letters too much

To do this slide quickly, the trigger copy/paste function was my best friend.

This game is funny and teaches kids how to spell the name of an animal. I did only one slide with one animal, but we can make more with different animals or objects! It only takes more time!

I hope you will enjoy this game! Please let me know if you notice some mistakes in the game, I reviewed it a lot but I may have missed one! Let me know if you have some comments or advice too!

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