Ergonomics activity

Today I share a simple activity for a module about ergonomics.

The work was really simple on Storyline: I only added markers on the background elements that the learner will have to click to reach out more about ergonomics at office. I also added a voice, to present the scene and the activity.

The big work was the background itself: I drew it myself with my new graphic tablet in ArtRage Studio. So, I’m not an expert in drawing (absolutely not!) but I am satisfied of the result! It took me less than one day to create this scene (in ArtRage and Storyline) and I’m sure I’ll be able to make it faster in the future when I am more at ease with ArtRage.

About the content, I’m not an ergonomics specialist so if I have to work on a real module about this topic, of course an expert will help me 😉

You can access the animated scene here.

And here is the original drawing:

Sans nom2

E-learning Heroes Challenge #59

Today, I created a simple game for the E-learning Heroes Challenge of the week:

View the game

I created a hangman game for kids: they have to find the name of a red squirrel before the fox catch the squirrel. For this game, I used:
buttons: for the alphabet letters
states triggers: for the letters that appear when you choose the good one, and to show to “success” layer when all the good letters are revealed
motion path: to make the fox move to the squirrel (with a relative start point)
and a variable: to show the “fail” layer when the fox reaches the squirrel if you select the wrong letters too much

To do this slide quickly, the trigger copy/paste function was my best friend.

This game is funny and teaches kids how to spell the name of an animal. I did only one slide with one animal, but we can make more with different animals or objects! It only takes more time!

I hope you will enjoy this game! Please let me know if you notice some mistakes in the game, I reviewed it a lot but I may have missed one! Let me know if you have some comments or advice too!

My first scribe with VideoScribe by Sparkol

Today, I share my first creation with VideoScribe. This is a very basic video, but it was really interesting to discover all the possibilities of this software. My conclusion: it is impressive and we can create very nice videos!

The two ways to use VideoScribe for my job are:
– Create presentation videos for the induction of new employees, or for events…
– Create short videos to include in Articulate Storyline. This can be a good element in a module, if we need to explain quickly a process, or for more animation in a slide.

This first video was only a test video. I needed a topic to try the tool features, and I chose to present the company where I’m currently working, Plastic Omnium. This video will probably be used during the induction of the new employees in the US, maybe after some enhancement.

NB: This is not an official video created in the company headquarters or for communication. The information in the video is not confidential: it comes from the official website,

The next step for my work with VideoScribe is to use InkScape and a basic graphic tablet to draw some elements I’ll use in VideoScribe and Storyline! I will probably share some of my future work with InkScape and the graphic tablet when I am able to use it properly. It will take time, but I hope I’ll be able to create nice small drawings in the next e-learning modules I will design.

If you are interested in VideoScribe or wonder how I created this video, you can watch the tutorial videos created by Sparkol, posted in their YouTube channel: